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Computer Career Education

Computer Career EducationIt seems like technology is everywhere today. Most people have access to multiple computers on a daily basis. So it only makes sense that computing careers have exploded in popularity, especially in recent years. A career in computers can be incredibly rewarding and have excellent pay, benefits and working conditions.

Here's a look as some of the most popular and most common careers in computing. If you're interested in a computer career, one of these fields would be a great place to start.
  • Software Engineer - Someone who designs and develops computer programs.
  • Sysems Analyst - Someone who researches computer problems and plans solutions for businesses.
  • Nework Security Specialist - Someone who specializes in protecting a company's data and other information.
  • Network Administrator - Someone who maintains the computers and systems that make up a specific nework.
  • Database Administrator - Someone who installs, configures, upgrades, monitors and maintains a computer network.
  • Tech Support - Someone who provides assistance to users of technology products.
  • Web Developer - Someone who specializes in all things related to the Internet.
  • Web Master - Someone who is responsible for maintaining one or many websites.
But what exactly makes a computer career job so good? Here's a quick look at some of the advantages of computer careers:
  • Advancement opportunities: Since computers are constantly changing, companies encourage staff to staff to constantly gain higher qualifications.
  • Competitive benefits: Most technology companies invest very well in their work force.
  • Job security: Since technology is so abundant, there's very good job security in the computer field. These jobs are constantly in demand all over the world.
  • Constantly changing: Even as certain technologies become obsolete, the skills related to a computer job easily translate to the next technology. An employee with these skills will always be prepared for the future.
  • Telecommuting: Many computer related jobs have the option to telecommute - to work from home. This saves both time and money for the company and for the employee.

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